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Transit Communications Interface Profiles (TCIP) Standard Development Program

APTA-TCIP-S-01 5.01.00 


TCIP is an APTA Standard that provides a library of information exchange building blocks, to allow transit agencies and transit suppliers to create standardized tailored interfaces. APTA TCIP is based on the earlier TCIP work performed by ITE, AASHTO, and NEMA and published as the NTCIP 1400-series standards. APTA TCIP extended the NTCIP Standards to include a Concept of Operations, Model Architecture, Dialog Definitions, and a rigorous, modular approach to conformance. Both the APTA TCIP development and the earlier NTCIP development were sponsored by the US DOT Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office.


TCIP Model Architecture

 TCIP provides building blocks for interfaces for several business areas:

·      Common Public  Transport

·      Scheduling

·      Passenger Information

·      Transit Signal Priority

·      Control Center

·      Onboard Systems

·      Spatial Referencing

·      Fare Collection


All business areas in the standard are approved, except for Fare Collection. Fare Collection is included on a non-normative basis pending further development after the completion of the APTA UTFS.

APTA has developed a tool to assist TCIP users in specifying TCIP interfaces called the TCIP Implementation Requirements and Capabilities Editor (TIRCE).  This tool provides a user-friendly means to create, modify, document, and compare interface specifications based on TCIP.

The APTA TCIP Standard and TIRCE are available free of charge to all interested parties via download from the documents page on this site.

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