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The Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (LYNX) pilot is a Transit IDEA project partially funded by the Transportation Research Board of the National Academy of Sciences. This pilot demonstrates the use of TCIP in an operating transit environment to:

1) Transfer transit schedule information between subsystems.

2) To provide automatic vehicle location.

3) To provide real-time bus locations to dispatchers.

4) To provide real-time service information to passengers.

King County Metro


King County Metro (KCM Seattle) has a rapidly evolving ITS infrastructure. KCM also has a number of Internet connected Information Service Providers (ISPs) that connect to their existing information systems to obtain KCM data. The ISPs perform value-added services with this data and distribute it to the KCM’s riders.

This pilot was designed to provide a standards-based access point to KCM’s data so that KCM can evolve their ITS and IT systems without continually changing the interface to the ISP’s.

MTA Maryland


The MTA-Maryland has a complex array of ITS systems from several transit suppliers. There is considerable duplication of information among these systems. The information in these systems is in disparate proprietary formats and is not shared or leveraged to provide cross-platform value-added services.

        This pilot is intended to facilitate information usage across systems from different venders by sharing information on the buses in TCIP format, and be providing a TCIP-based central data repository that allows office systems to obtain and store data in a common format regardless of its source.

Clever Devices


Clever Devices sponsored a TCIP test pilot for the 2008 APTA Expo in San Diego. This pilot used real-time data from Clever’s Bus Time™ product to provide TCIP-based estimated times of arrival on a Passenger Information Sign.


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