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TCIP Implementation, Requirements and Capabilities Editor


  The TIRCE application navigates and tailors the APTA Transit Communications Interface Profiles (TCIP) standard.  TCIP, created in a collaborative multi-agency effort, describes the building blocks of standardized information exchange between transit agencies:  both the data to be exchanged and the procedures for accomplishing its transfer.  The library of information flows contained within TCIP can be used to construct uniform communications between agencies, individually customized to adapt to specific business needs. 


     TIRCE simplifies the process of selecting the appropriate information transfers from TCIP and in tailoring those interfaces for use in a particular project or product.  For a detailed explanation of TCIP and what it provides, see section 4 “Understanding TCIP” in Volume I of the TCIP Specification.


   The TIRCE application collects information about one or more proposed TCIP-based interfaces and uses it to generate rigorous interface specifications.   These specifications may be in the form of a Profile Requirements List (PRL) [included in a transit Request for Proposal (RFP)] and/or a Profile Implementation Conformance Statements (PICS) which is used to describe a product’s interface capabilities in a product specification.


  TIRCE provides a step-by-step process intended for use by technical leads with general knowledge about TCIP and the procurement process.  TIRCE is not a design tool.  Its purpose is to help agencies and vendors:

·        Simplify the process of defining interfaces

·        Specify interfaces that conform to the TCIP standard

·        Verify that products conform to interface definitions

·        Document interfaces in a standardized fashion (PRL/PICS)

·        Create a mirror of an interface specification to allow a compatible interface specification to be automatically generated


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